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October 06, 2022

Dirty Dough Reveals How Packaging Got Them Sued & Doubled Their Business | Ep 109

Evelio talks to Dirty Dough founder Bennett Maxwell about how their cookie box got them sued by Crumbl cookies and they turned it into content that more than doubled their franchises from 90 to over 200 in 2 months. Plus lear...

Packaging Design

August 22, 2022

Designing the Adidas x Mr. Bailey Shoe Box - How To Be Consistently Innovative w/ Black Ink Projects | Ep 104

Black Ink Projects Co-founders Matt and Hayden answer how they are consistently innovative and pushing the bounds of packaging design. After designing the latest shoebox for the Adidas x Mr. Bailey release. Their Mycelium box...

Sustainability Packaging Design

June 20, 2022

Packaging Design, Engineering, and Freelance with Matt Hanzly | Ep 95

Matt Hanzly 3D artist, packaging designer, and engineer shares what he's learned working with consumer electronics packaging in visual, structural, and CAD development. He shares his process of sketching, the tools he uses to...

Packaging Design

May 26, 2022

Designing Type for Packaging | Ep 94

Have you ever hired a type designer to design type for your packaging? Sometimes it feels like that's something saved for the big brands or major agencies, but it's not. Type Designer Scott Biersack and Evelio discuss the fin...

Packaging Design

May 05, 2022

Designing Sustainable Packaging Part 4 of 4 | Ep 92

Whoo! We hit nearly 100 episodes on the podcast, thank you so much for listening. Today we are talking to Michael Napoli of Terracycle and wrapping up our 4 part series on designing sustainable packaging. ** Want to appear on...

Sustainability Packaging Design

April 12, 2022

How to Design Sustainable Packaging with Terracycle Pt 1 of 4 | Ep 89

Michael Napoli, VP of Material Sales at Terracycle, is a designer turned sustainability expert. He shares how design has to evolve to support sustainability and how it's critical to stay informed and not fall behind. Now if y...

Sustainability Packaging Design

April 04, 2022

Packaging Design En Español con Hernan Braberman el Branderman | Ep 88

En el episodio de hoy hablamos con Hernan Braberman Director de Diseño de Tridimage de Argentina. Trabajan con marcas de todo el mundo y tratan con productos de todos los sectores. En este episodio, aprenderá sobre empaques i...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

March 23, 2022

Designing Emotion Into Your Packaging - Jennie Potts B&B Studio | Ep 87

Jennie Potts Design Director of B&B Studio shares how their work infuses emotion into packaging and why your brand needs a personality. In today’s episode we discuss some of the work she’s done with B&B studio, one of my favo...

Packaging Design

March 09, 2022

How to Design FMCG Packaging with Neha Tulsian of NH1 Design | Ep 84

Evelio ( @eveliomattos ) and Neha Tulsian ( @NehaTulsian ) discuss designing packaging for FMCG in India at NH1 Design , and how balancing culture and society can impact packaging design decisions. Here are three massive thin...

Packaging Design

March 04, 2022

How To Design Start-up Packaging in 10 Days with Jamie Ellul | Ep 83

Evelio Mattos ( @eveliomattos ) sits down with Jamie Ellul ( @jamie ellul ) to discuss how Supple Studio created the iconic Frahm Jacket packaging that won several awards at Pentawards ( @pentawards ) last year. How he built ...

Packaging Design

February 16, 2022

Pentawards Packaging Design Competition 2022 with Adam Ryan | Ep 81

Pentawards, the most prestigious global packaging design competition is back in 2022! Adam Ryan and I discuss the changing landscape of packaging competitions and why diversity matters in building a global design community. T...

Packaging Design

February 07, 2022

Packaging Design & NFT Integration Evelio Mattos | Ep 79

I just bought an NFT solely for the packaging design. Insane? Probably. I bought the Chinese New Year release of Gelnfiddich's 21 year old single malt scotch that comes in a beautifully illustrated box by Chineses Artist Rlon...

Packaging Design

February 03, 2022

Biggest Packaging Design Mistakes Everyone Makes | Ep 78

Learn how to avoid the packaging design mistakes every brand makes. What are the biggest mistakes every start-up, unicorn, heritage brand makes? This quick chat breaks down 3 of the most impactful mistakes you can make to dev...

Packaging Design

January 20, 2022

Find Your Flow in Packaging Design with Gene Portnoy | Ep 77

Learn how finding your flow in the package design process allows you to deliver the value to your client. Gene Portnoy is a prolific packaging designer with years of experience, much of which never requiring a portfolio. In t...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

January 15, 2022

How to Design Game & Toy Packaging w/ Matt Nuccio | Ep 76

Ever wonder what it takes to design packaging for Monopoly, Barbie, GI Joe, and the world of games and toys? Matt Nuccio shares his experiences in the toy industry and his approach to packaging. Games and toys die on the shel...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging