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If you are, then this is the podcast for you! We talk about all things related to designing packaging. From luxury brands to sustainable brands, we cover it all. And we're here to help you learn the ins and outs of packaging design, sustainability, and delivering memorable consumer experiences.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's something for everyone on Packaging Unboxd. So come join us and learn how to take your packaging designs to the next level!

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Recent Episodes

Packaging Design Has Changed Forever - Designing with Midjourney 5 & GPT 4 | Ep 128

March 19, 2023

Evelio Mattos is discussing how the combination of Mid Journey Five and Chat GT Four is changing the world of design. This combination is impacting the way websites and packaging are designed, and Mattos is providing advice …

How to Design Cutting Edge Packaging with Brent Lindberg of Fuseneo | Ep 127

March 1, 2023

Fuseneo's founder Brent Lindberg and Evelio discuss ideas around packaging concept development, sustainability, manufacturing, and the benefits of material agnostic design.

How Designers Are Using MidJourney To Build Their Businesses with Sherry Horowitz the Ai Conjurer | Ep 125

Feb. 22, 2023

The Packaging Unbox Podcast recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sherry Horowitz about Mid Journey artificial intelligence. They discussed the different types of prompts that she uses, how to get started with a prompt,…

Designers: Why You NEED To Hire A Lawyer Today | Copyright Protection | Contract Review | Ai Legal Battles with Jon Tobin | Ep 124

Feb. 7, 2023

As a designer, you're probably wondering why you need to hire a lawyer. In this video, Jon Tobin from Counsel for Creators breaks it down for you. He covers everything from copyright protection to contract negotiation, and w…

How Do You Design Packaging For Blue Origin's New Glenn Rocket?

Feb. 1, 2023

Brian Davis, Packaging Materials and Process Engineer with Blue Origin shares what it takes to create packaging for Blue Origin. Rocket packaging isn't cardboard boxes and inserts, it's engineering and supply chain with a lo…

What to Expect at Paris Packaging Week with Easyfairs and Pentawards 2023 | Ep 124

Jan. 24, 2023

Why should you travel to Pairs Packaging Week? Because Easyfairs puts on the largest high tech packaging show anywhere in the world. From manufacturers of packaging to some of the greatest brands delivering packaging innovat…

Sustainable Cosmetics Packaging Ideas, Future of Reusable Packaging with Eva Lagarde of | Ep 123

Jan. 12, 2023

If you're in cosmetics packaging you know this is the conversation you're having right now. Should we be using recyclable? Is chemical recycling a real thing? How do we choose between aluminum and bamboo pulp pans? Isn't our…

Designing with AI: An Interview with Kevin Russell of Dark Forces Design on the Future of Packaging Design with Midjourney | Ep 122

Jan. 4, 2023

Packaging Unboxd special guest, Kevin Russel, Creative Director at Dark Forces Design talks about Artificial Intelligence in the creative process. In today's episode, we'll be discussing Midjourney, a new AI tool for packagi…

Real-World Applications of Ai in Professional Creative Design Today with Teri Campbell | Ep 121

Dec. 28, 2022

You've already heard about Ai and its power to generate designs in seconds, but is there anyone actually using these designs in the real world? Yes! Food and Packaging Photographer, Teri Campbell explains how he's using Ai t…

Is Packaging Design with Midjourney Bullsh*t? Nick Longo of the DGDC podcast | Ep 120

Dec. 22, 2022

Nick Longo of the DGDC, Deeply Graphic Design Cast podcast and Evelio discuss Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the packaging design industry. They explore how AI can be used to supplement designer's craft rather tha…

From Cannabis Brand Designer to Cannabis Brand Owner Lilli Keinaenen | Ep 119

Dec. 15, 2022

Have you ever wanted to own a brand you've designed for? Or at least have a partial ownership in its success? Lilli Keinaenen explains how designing packaging for a cannabis brand led to having an equity stake in Green Bee B…

How Brands Design Packaging That Sells with Designalytics, Steve Lamoureux | Ep 118

Dec. 8, 2022

Do you want to increase sales with your packaging design? Steve Lamoureux shares how the data analyzed by Designalytics can refine a brief and drive sales based on consumer feedback during the design process. Don't assume yo…

PACDORA the Figma of Packaging Design | Ep 117

Dec. 1, 2022

You don't have time to learn CAD or some other 3D program, right? Well now you can just log in and create dielines and renders from anywhere with In this episode I speak to Yu Wang about Pacdora and how they solv…

Become a Kick-Ass Creative Director | Ep 116

Nov. 24, 2022

Today we’re talking to Creative Director Jaime Cabrera, his book What’s the Big Idea - An Indispensable Guide to Becoming a Kick-ass Creative Director - Available now on Amazon. You can check out the link in the show notes. …

How Design Agencies Get Clients w/ Dennis Whalen | Ep 115

Nov. 17, 2022

If you've ever said I'm a designer, not a salesperson, you're probably not wrong, but you're for sure not right. Graphic designers, packaging designers, really any type of designer is a sales person. What you're creating has…

Do All Products Deserve a Crafted Unboxing? | Ep 114

Nov. 9, 2022

Colienne Regout of The Unboxing Your Packaging Podcast interviewed Evelio Mattos about his podcast, design purpose, and what sustainable packaging needs to work. This is an abbreviated episode, if you'd like to listen to the…

Unboxing Sunday's Finest Gold Fashioned Ready to Drink Cocktail | Ep 113

Nov. 2, 2022

Packaging Unboxd and The People of Packaging team up to unbox the $150 bottle of Gold Fashioned from Sunday's finest along with Co-founder Robert Haynes and Damiane Nickles. Color, materials, production processes, as well as…

Why Are Design Agencies Choosing B Corp Certification | Ep 112

Oct. 26, 2022

What is B Corp Certification? Should design agencies get B Corp certification? And what are the benefits, or why should you get B Corp certified? Here Design, shares all of these answers and helps us understand why you shoul…

Packaging Glenfiddich Time : Reimagined, with Here Design | Ep 111

Oct. 19, 2022

In Time Re:Imagined, three incredibly rare whiskies, the Glenfiddich 50, 40, and 30 Year Old single malts are uniquely presented as bespoke art, conceptually designed and created by Here Design. Each expression links back to…


Advanced Sustainable Packaging Design - Lancome La Vie Est Belle Packaging | Ep 110

Oct. 13, 2022

This mind blowing mono-material packaging design makes you question what you thought you knew about molded fiber and product packaging manufacturing. The team at Colourform (yes, with a U), are questioning why everything is …

Packaging Design

Dirty Dough Reveals How Packaging Got Them Sued & Doubled Their Business | Ep 109

Oct. 6, 2022

Evelio talks to Dirty Dough founder Bennett Maxwell about how their cookie box got them sued by Crumbl cookies and they turned it into content that more than doubled their franchises from 90 to over 200 in 2 months. Plus lea…

The Benefits of a Packaging Redesign, Why Olive Natural Skincare Redesigned Their Packaging | Ep. 108

Sept. 28, 2022

Olive Natural Skincare launched a complete packaging redesign, but why? What's the reason for redesigning packaging that's worked for over 10 years? Hear how Mike Green and his team made the decision to redesign their brand'…

Is Sustainable Packaging A Scam? What Materials To Avoid | Ep 107

Sept. 21, 2022

We produce trillions of packaging units every year Every brand is talking about sustainability And we Spend months designing this packaging But are we being scammed by sustainability? Carbon Offsetting, Hemp Paper, Aluminum,…

Everything You Need to Know About Candy Packaging EAT ROTTEN | Ep 106

Sept. 7, 2022

Introducing mew products to the market today require attractive packaging that is sustainable. EAT ROTTEN, the new healthy alternative to those sugar-filled gummy worms from the 90's is doing just that. Launching with compos…

3 Strategies for Sustainable Start Up Packaging | EP 105

Aug. 31, 2022

Jonathan Assaraf, Packaging Designer and Co-founder of shares how his brand is redefining what sustainable packaging means. Jonathan explains what materials they chose, what packaging they buy stock and what p…

Sustainability Packaging Design

Designing the Adidas x Mr. Bailey Shoe Box - How To Be Consistently Innovative w/ Black Ink Projects | Ep 104

Aug. 22, 2022

Black Ink Projects Co-founders Matt and Hayden answer how they are consistently innovative and pushing the bounds of packaging design. After designing the latest shoebox for the Adidas x Mr. Bailey release. Their Mycelium bo…

Business Of Packaging

Where Are the Female Executive Creative Directors? | Ep 103

Aug. 17, 2022

Learn what an Executive Creative Director does at a design agency, what they're responsible for, and how lifelong learning is critical to the position. We talk with Chloe Templeman of BigFish London and previously DesignBrid…

The Power of Strategic Packaging Design with Chloe Templeman | Ep 102

Aug. 10, 2022

Chloe Templeman, Executive Creative Director at BigFish London explains what strategy is, how it shapes the brief, and how it defines success in packaging design. In this episode you are going to get 3 big things: 1) What ha…

The Secret to Better Packaging Design, Shhh... | Ep 101

Aug. 4, 2022

Watching people interact with your packaging on shelf or secret shopping is the fastest way to prioritize design. Experiencing the Consumer Journey Before Designing Anything is critical to your packaging design process. Yes …

Top Packaging Design Trends for 2023 | Ep 100

July 29, 2022

What are the packaging design trends for 2023? Beyond sustainability we're looking at what is trending from across the planet. You'll be sure to spot these trends coming before the end of the year. So if you're a graphic des…

How To Go From Graphic Design to Packaging Designer | Ep. 99

July 20, 2022

In this episode I explain my transition from graphic designer to packaging designer and the steps I went through to launch my career in a new-to-me industry. In this episode you'll get a few key insights: 1) How to stand out…

Packaging Files - RGB vs CMYK | Ep 98

July 15, 2022

In response to some overwhelming feedback on social media let's discuss RGB vs CMYK in the print world and is it time to learn a new trick? In this episode recorded while driving to a press check (sorry of the background noi…

How To Choose Sustainable Packaging Materials | Ep 97

July 12, 2022

Ever wonder how packaging professionals select materials, how they help brands become more sustainable, or how geography can impact the materials you choose? In this episode Evelio shares the first step before you select mat…

How Packaging Sounds Is As Important As It Looks | Ep 96

June 22, 2022

When you design packaging you think about looks, feel, product protection, and maybe you think about competing on shelf. But have you ever thought about how your packaging sounds? The way your packaging sounds can turn off c…

Packaging Design

Packaging Design, Engineering, and Freelance with Matt Hanzly | Ep 95

June 20, 2022

Matt Hanzly 3D artist, packaging designer, and engineer shares what he's learned working with consumer electronics packaging in visual, structural, and CAD development. He shares his process of sketching, the tools he uses t…

Guest: Matt Hanzly
Packaging Design

Designing Type for Packaging | Ep 94

May 26, 2022

Have you ever hired a type designer to design type for your packaging? Sometimes it feels like that's something saved for the big brands or major agencies, but it's not. Type Designer Scott Biersack and Evelio discuss the fi…

Waste 360 Waste Expo Sustainable Packaging from Vegas | Ep 93

May 13, 2022

What happens when you get 4 packaging nerds on stage at the largest Waste industry event in Vegas? Find out what we covered, what we learned, and how your packaging decisions are just the tip of the iceberg when we discuss e…

Sustainability Packaging Design

Designing Sustainable Packaging Part 4 of 4 | Ep 92

May 5, 2022

Whoo! We hit nearly 100 episodes on the podcast, thank you so much for listening. Today we are talking to Michael Napoli of Terracycle and wrapping up our 4 part series on designing sustainable packaging. ** Want to appear o…

Designing Sustainable Packaging Part 3 of 4: Reusable Packaging | Ep 91

April 28, 2022

Michael Napoli, VP of Material Sales at Terracycle, is a designer turned sustainability expert. He shares how design has to evolve to support sustainability and how it's critical to stay informed and not fall behind. Here's …

Designing Sustainable Packaging Pt 2 of 4: Carbon Neutrality | Ep 90

April 21, 2022

Michael Napoli, VP of Material Sales at Terracycle, is a designer turned sustainability expert. He shares how design has to evolve to support sustainability and how it's critical to stay informed and not fall behind. Now if …

Sustainability Packaging Design

How to Design Sustainable Packaging with Terracycle Pt 1 of 4 | Ep 89

April 12, 2022

Michael Napoli, VP of Material Sales at Terracycle, is a designer turned sustainability expert. He shares how design has to evolve to support sustainability and how it's critical to stay informed and not fall behind. Now if …

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

Packaging Design En Español con Hernan Braberman el Branderman | Ep 88

April 4, 2022

En el episodio de hoy hablamos con Hernan Braberman Director de Diseño de Tridimage de Argentina. Trabajan con marcas de todo el mundo y tratan con productos de todos los sectores. En este episodio, aprenderá sobre empaques …

Packaging Design

Designing Emotion Into Your Packaging - Jennie Potts B&B Studio | Ep 87

March 23, 2022

Jennie Potts Design Director of B&B Studio shares how their work infuses emotion into packaging and why your brand needs a personality. In today’s episode we discuss some of the work she’s done with B&B studio, one of my fav…

Guest: Jennie Potts

ButterflyCannon Innovation & Sustainability - Jenny Cairns | Ep 86 Part 2

March 16, 2022

How do you build a career steeped in innovation and sustainability, where do you get the experience to begin, and what does it mean to manage that process? This episode we speak to Jenny (Cairns) Greenwood, Innovations and S…


Simplifying Sustainable Packaging with ButterflyCannon Jenny Cairns | EP 85 Part 1

March 14, 2022

Today’s episode is a 2 parter, we’re speaking with Jenny Cairns, ButterflyCannon’s Innovation & Sustainability Manager. We spoke for so long about a few different things that it actually made more sense to break it up then t…

Guest: Jenny Cairns
Packaging Design

How to Design FMCG Packaging with Neha Tulsian of NH1 Design | Ep 84

March 9, 2022

Evelio ( @eveliomattos ) and Neha Tulsian ( @NehaTulsian ) discuss designing packaging for FMCG in India at NH1 Design , and how balancing culture and society can impact packaging design decisions. Here are three massive thi…

Guest: Neha tulsian
Packaging Design

How To Design Start-up Packaging in 10 Days with Jamie Ellul | Ep 83

March 4, 2022

Evelio Mattos ( @eveliomattos ) sits down with Jamie Ellul ( @jamie ellul ) to discuss how Supple Studio created the iconic Frahm Jacket packaging that won several awards at Pentawards ( @pentawards ) last year. How he built…

Guest: Jamie Ellul

Codifying the Package Design Process with Asa Cook | Ep 82

Feb. 25, 2022

How do you design packaging that is infused with sensuality, time, and a place, while delivering it in an aesthetically relevant pack? Asa Cook Creative Director of Intertype Studio explains how his 2 year old studio won the…

Packaging Design

Pentawards Packaging Design Competition 2022 with Adam Ryan | Ep 81

Feb. 16, 2022

Pentawards, the most prestigious global packaging design competition is back in 2022! Adam Ryan and I discuss the changing landscape of packaging competitions and why diversity matters in building a global design community. …

How to Write a Packaging Design Proposal with Evelio Mattos | Ep 80

Feb. 14, 2022

Have you ever tried to write a Package Design Proposal and didn't know where to start? We discuss the discovery phase of your packaging proposal in this episode, everything that is required and everything you need to conside…

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