March 9, 2022

How to Design FMCG Packaging with Neha Tulsian of NH1 Design | Ep 84

How to Design FMCG Packaging with Neha Tulsian of NH1 Design | Ep 84

Evelio (@eveliomattos) and Neha Tulsian (@NehaTulsian) discuss designing packaging for FMCG in India at NH1 Design, and how balancing culture and society can impact packaging design decisions.

Here are three massive things you’ll take away from this episode:

1) Sometimes you gotta just chase your passion. Neha discusses how her agency was growing based on word of mouth from one industry, when she realized it wasn’t an industry she wanted to be known for. This led her to take a chance with a new client and the rest is history, at least history in the making.

2) The impact cultural society has on design decisions.

3) Taking the time to network and How to find your next agency client.


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