Nov. 18, 2021

The Future of Molded Fiber Packaging Design with Richard Dancy | Ep 71

The Future of Molded Fiber Packaging Design with Richard Dancy | Ep 71

We have all experienced molded fiber, usually as a replacement for foam or plastic inserts (think egg boxes). However, this largely underrated material offers countless possibilities to those bold enough to use it, and it is environmentally friendly to top it all off! Colourform is at the forefront of design and innovation with molded fiber and today we get to speak to two key members of its team, Richard Dancy and Chris Schofield! Richard and Chris take us through the process behind the complex designs they have made using this material while giving listeners an insight into what is truly possible with Colourform. We learn about the value proposition of Colourform’s molded fiber from a branding perspective and hear examples of how their product has helped to elevate the story behind the many clients they have worked with. Our conversation also covers the sustainability aspect of Colourform. We talk about how they are helping their clients push the boundaries of easy-to-use recycled packaging as well as find their place in the circular economy. So, tune in today to give your molded fiber preconceptions an extreme makeover!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Chris and Richard and their roles within Colourform.
  • The Colourform offering: a thermo-formed molded fiber product (an alternative to plastic).
  • What sets Colourform apart from other packaging and even molded-fiber competitors.
  • A Maison Ruinart champagne bottle wrap made by Colourform and the process behind it.
  • The process of realizing ideas and how Colourform shows clients what is possible.
  • How Colourform helps to elevate brands by telling their story using molded fiber.
  • What molded-fiber is and the molding process the Colourform products go through.
  • The cost of making the tools and molds and the typical order size Colourform gets.
  • How Colourform is evolving to take on ever more complex and beautiful projects.
  • The different legs of James Cropper and how Colourform interacts with them.
  • Water costs involved in creating the product and Colourform’s environmental standards.
  • The possibilities for forms, strengths, and printing: how Colourform demonstrates these.
  • How the Colourform team joins separate pieces of molded fiber and combines colors.
  • The way Colourform can include materials from the packaged product into the packaging.

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