Sept. 23, 2021

How to Apply Packaging Design Across 1,000s of SKUs with Todd Maute of CBX | 65

How to Apply Packaging Design Across 1,000s of SKUs with Todd Maute of CBX | 65

Todd Maute explains how CBX’s FORGE process helps redesign multi-SKU packaging for CPG and retail brands faster and sometimes cheaper. CBX is known for its brand experience development for pet, food, and even pet food brands! 

Learn how design agencies collect data, project-manage, and make production a design challenge to ensure every redesign aspect is measured and considered. Packaging design for one box is complex. Redesigning packaging for hundreds of SKUs all at once, well, that’s an undertaking for the professionals.

This episode gives you the BTS insight to see how the pros do it.

Here’s what you’re going to get from this episode:

1) How adaptive design can just be the future of packaging production.

2) How scaling a brand requires understanding the elasticity of design to live across a comprehensive set of standpoints.

Just think of Smuckers, you know ’em for the jelly aisle, but they’re in frozen, pet, and breakfast.

3) Applying design across hundreds of SKUs, now that you’ve determined where your products will live, we need to know how to take on this design challenge and translate visuals across hundreds or thousands of SKUs.

Hear how CBX applied their FORGE process to Duane Reade to execute a redesign in less than 6 months tip to tail.


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