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Outstanding Podcast Filled with Useful Info

I've been listening to Packaging Unboxd for over a year and I always get a lot of value from Evelio and his guests. Packaging can be confusing, and Evelio and his guests explain things based on actual experience, not theory. I would recommend starting with Ep. 78: Biggest Packaging Design Mistakes Everyone Makes. There is so much there that I learned and that I plan to use for years to come.

Informative and fun

Always looking forward to his new episodes. Love his “technical words” and his ability to relate to anyone. Short and sweet episodes packed with relevant information.

Packaging professor!

Evelio does an amazing job covering so many packaging topics!

One of my favorite podcasts, hands down.

My goal is to get everyone I know who’s involved in manufacturing to subscribe to this podcast. Scratch that, my goal is to get everyone I know to subscribe. Why? Because we’re all consumers. It’s up to us to (respectfully) pose questions to the brands that will hopefully prompt them to make efforts toward operating in a more sustainable manner. As a brand owner, I weigh my options with an eye on sustainability—and then I must weigh those options against my budget. It’s not easy, and the outcomes are never perfect. However, having correct information to base those decisions upon is absolutely critical. That’s were this podcast comes in. Evelio brings in true experts in their fields who provide information and insight that I’ve been unable to identify elsewhere. Plus, the direct yet casual tone is very easy to listen to. Highly recommend on all accounts.

Time Well Spent

A super worthwhile packaging podcast! There's no fluff in here, just relevant content & insights on packaging in its myriad forms, in easy to understand language. Whatever the topic, I look forward to it knowing I'll walk away with something I can use. Thank you Evelio and IDP.


Thank you for making sustainability in packaging so easy to learn through your podcast and social media post. I love your design insights as well. If everyone on all ends of the industry can implement your findings and teachings, it could directly impact the planets well being. I have benefited tremendously from now being able to properly educate my clients in true sustainability. Thank you Evelio!

Must listen for packaging pros

Evelio has put together a very interesting and educational podcast for packaging pros. Worth the time!

The more you know

For anyone involved or interested in packaging design and development, Unboxd’s long form interviews are such a fantastic and previously rare opportunity to gain real insight into the thoughts of industry leaders. Excellent episodes so far and I’m excited to see who’s next.

Great insights!

I’m looking forward to where this podcast is going. I’m one episode in and have already learned so much about packaging sustainability and different materials. Keep it coming!

Gets into the nitty gritty of packaging life cycles.

A valuable upcoming podcast that gets into the details of what happens in the life cycles of the packaging world.

Knowing if half the battle

Before I began my journey as designer, I worked in retail and I was always drawn to how a product lives on shelf and the impact that it has. With that being said, Unboxd dives further on various aspects of packaging design and it’s components and what defines a sustainable yet successful packaging. I’ve learned so much in so little time, I highly recommend tuning in!

Awesome podcast for a growing industry

Glad to see more people are taking the strategies behind packaging design to podcasts. An easy listen and keeps me in the loop on what industry leaders are doing. Keep it up!

Learning lots of new things!

“There’s more to packaging than slapping graphics on a box” Vincent Villeger former Burberry Director of Packaging Great line from a great interview. I loved all of the sustainability information in episodes 1&3, learning lots! Keep up the good work, thank you for this.

It’s everything you need to know about package design!

Guests on the show range from Former Burberry Creative Director to Tom Szaky of Loop discussing their views on package design. The show hosts sustainability experts that give you the realities of recycling and sustainable package design from the perspective of the recycling business. It’s everything you need to know about package design. Looking forward to sharing more interviews with some amazing upcoming guests!