Dec. 17, 2021

Recycling Myths - Keynote Presentation In Lithuania Evelio Mattos | Ep 74

Recycling Myths - Keynote Presentation In Lithuania Evelio Mattos | Ep 74

There are so many myths out there in terms of what is recyclable, what's not recyclable, what kind of material you should use, what material you shouldn’t use, where you should use them, and how to use them. Today, we’re sharing with you a presentation that Evelio gave at the Lithuanian Baltic NAPA Design Conference that focuses on the myths around the sustainability and recycling of packaging. Tuning in you’ll discover a list of things that you can do when you're designing sustainable packaging to ensure that it is, in fact, sustainable. You’ll hear the story about the launch of a new product for a luxury brand and what Evelio learned from their refusal to use packaging that was as recyclable as it claimed to be. Evelio then breaks down a list of myths and commonly held misperceptions about sustainable packaging as well as practical steps to take in the future. To find out where you can get the right information, what questions you should ask of whom, and what actionable steps you can take to create truly sustainable packaging, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to our host Evelio Mattos and his career in package design.
  • A quote from Tom Szaky on what defines sustainable packaging.
  • The story about the launch of a new luxury product and what Evelio learned from the brand’s refusal to use recyclable packaging.
  • How not asking the right questions of the right people results in inaccurate myths.
  • Why it’s so important to call the separating companies and find out what they can separate.
  • The first myth Evelio debunks: Packaging is a keepsake.
  • Myth two: Recycling is circular.
  • Myth three: Plastic is good.
  • Myth four: Plastic is bad.
  • Myth five: Reusable packaging is the answer.
  • Myth six: Size doesn’t matter.
  • The main takeaway from this talk: Don’t trust the data that you’re given by suppliers.
  • Who you can trust: The recycling center in your region.
  • Evelio’s answer to the question ‘“What is the most sustainable packaging?”
  • How to go about sourcing the most sustainable material for packaging.
  • How moving products independently creates waste.
  • Evelio’s thoughts on compostable packaging, bioplastic, and biodegradable plastic.

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