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November 16, 2020

Consumer Tracking & Packaging Design | Ep. 32

Dr. Andrew Hurley offers the answer to "Will your packaging design changes deliver a measurable ROI?" His platform Package Insight offers an eye into consumer thoughts, emotions, and how they actually interact with your packa...

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November 05, 2020

The Future of Online Packaging Design Education | Ep. 30

What do professional designers do when they want to learn something new? They can’t always run off to the fanciest packaging design schools. They look for what fits into their busy lives. Online design education, from YouTube...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

October 12, 2020

Print Production for Packaging Design | Ep. 27

With over 35 years of experience in design and print, we only scratch the surface of Lisa’s experience. But lucky for all of us, Lisa has also launched a print production class online to teach you how to design to print and h...

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August 24, 2020

Why You Need Packaging Guidelines | Ep. 25

We speak with Logan Steinfeld, Staples' Manager of Product Design who oversees product development and packaging design to understand not only what packaging guidelines are for, but what they entail. Logan's team recently la...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

August 05, 2020

Is Your Packaging Prop 67 Compliant? | Ep. 22

Understanding how Prop 67 impacts your business's packaging design and manufacturing. What it means, and what you need to do including these four things: The name of the manufacturer: 1) The manufacturer, not the reseller, th...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

July 29, 2020

How to Design Your Own Product Packaging | Ep 20

How do you design packaging while working from home? After watching the most recent Underdogs video about Apple's project Pandora I thought it was a good time to share how working from home has changed the package design proc...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

July 22, 2020

4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Packaging | Ep 19

1) The first one that will help you save money is buying packaging directly from manufacturers. What I mean is today most brands are buying through a reseller, sourcing agent, some type of middleman. You’re paying 15 - 25% fo...

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July 15, 2020

10 Lessons How To Use Foil In Packaging Design Part 2 | Ep. 17

Part 2 of 10 Lessons for Packaging with Foil. April Lytle or Kurz Transfer Products and I provide key insights into how to use foil when designing packaging. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast. If you’ve ev...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

July 01, 2020

Ten tips of Sustainable Packaging Design w/ Katie Kubrak | Ep. 13

Ever wonder where to get started on sustainable design? Well, this episode of Package Design Unboxd gives you a lot to think about as we dive into sustainable design with Katie Kubrak of Nirvana CPH. Everything from streamlin...

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June 22, 2020

How To Innovate Packaging Design with CMF & MDD | Ep. 11

We speak to Katie Kubrak, Materials and Insights Producer with Nirvana CPH. Learn how CMF and MDD drive innovation in packaging design, and create consumer connections. Dive into Coatings, Materials, and Finishes before we tr...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

June 01, 2020

Packaging Production & Manufacturing w/ Brandi Parker | Ep. 7

We speak with Brandi Parker, Head of Realization @ Pearlfisher where she manages a team that converts designs and ideas into reality. Her extensive knowledge of packaging design and production allows her to know what question...

Sustainability Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

May 27, 2020

How to Package a Brand w/ Alex Center | Ep. 6

Speaking with Alex Center founder of Center Brooklyn and former Design Director at a little brand named Coke, is a lesson in how to build confidence and surround yourself with the right people to create opportunities in desig...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

May 19, 2020

Building a Structural Packaging Design Agency w/ Think Packaging | Ep. 4

How do you build a packaging design agency when you're not in a big city known for design? Ask Mat Bogust of Think Packaging and he'll tell you to just start posting and the world will notice! Today, New Zealand is known for ...

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