Nov. 5, 2020

The Future of Online Packaging Design Education | Ep. 30

The Future of Online Packaging Design Education | Ep. 30

What do professional designers do when they want to learn something new? They can’t always run off to the fanciest packaging design schools. They look for what fits into their busy lives. Online design education, from YouTube to skill share we search for anything to fill those gaps.

But what do you do when it’s something as technical as packaging science?

You seek out, an online packaging science educational platform that is licensed through Clemson University.

Today’s guest is Dr Andrew Hurley - Associate Professor at Clemson University

Founder of The Packaging

Today Dr Andrew shares how he started The Packaging School, some of the curriculum, and we discuss how this program is the future of packaging education for working professionals worldwide.

We also get into packaging sustainability and how to educate yourself when it comes to sustainable materials, certifications, and the questions you should be asking.

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