Feb. 18, 2021

Packaging Design and Project Management| Ep. 41

Packaging Design and Project Management| Ep. 41

Have you ever wondered how packaging designs and brands navigate timelines

And manage all of the moving parts of the complex packaging industry?

Have you ever tried to manage your own packaging project from design to manufacturing?

Well then you know why project managers are the superstars of the packaging industry.

Today we speak with the Project Executioner herself, Megan Gamble a packaging project manager based in Atlanta with clients around the globe.

We discuss all of the unseen pitfalls you can encounter when launching your first packaging program.

Megan knows this industry from all angles and she also shares how to avoid these pitfalls with proper planning and many of the questions you should ask before you begin.

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Connect with Megan Young Gamble:

Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megangamble/

Email Megan Directly: megan@getlevelconsulting.com

Contact Megan for a Session: https://calendly.com/getlevelconsulting


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