Dec. 18, 2020

Generating Packaging Leads on TikTok | Ep. 36

Generating Packaging Leads on TikTok | Ep. 36

Struggling to generate leads, not sure where to go, LinkedIn not doing you any favors? Maybe it's time you gave Tiktok a chance.
Today we talk to Cory Connors or CoryGated, as he's known on TikTok. We discuss what the platform actually is, how to set up an account, what type of content performs well, and how to build an audience.

By focusing on delivering useful information and educational TikTok posts, Cory has been able to generate a consistent stream of leads for his team at Landsberg Orora. 


If you're not ready to launch into the next Tiktok challenge after this episode or aren't convinced it will deliver leads - reach out to Corygated on Tiktok to learn more.

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