March 22, 2021

What is Seaweed Packaging? It's NOTPLA | Ep.43

What is Seaweed Packaging? It's NOTPLA | Ep.43
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NOTPLA is a seaweed based material used for packaging liquids and now is being turned into heatsealable films that are completely biodegradable and edible. The zero plastics movement is growing and NOTPla is helping the packaging industry look at new ways to develop materials and packagign that does not look like anything we've ever seen.


Pierre Paslier is the co-founder and CEO of NOTPla, join us as we learn what NOTPla is doing now, that verticals it serves, and what is in the pipeline for future developments. Get a glimpse into how NOT PLA is making the future of packaging and biodegradable packaging, disappear.


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