May 20, 2020

What is Sustainable Packaging Design? w/ Tom Szaky | Ep. 5

What is Sustainable Packaging Design? w/ Tom Szaky | Ep. 5
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Everyone talks about sustainable packaging, but what exactly is it? Well, that depends, and our guest Tom Szaky agrees as sustainability depends on many factors.  

In this episode we discuss what is sustainability, the business of recycling, and most importantly what designers need to know in order to design sustainable packaging. Tom Szaky is globally recognized for his eco-entrepreneurial successes that allowed some of the world's largest brands to partner with him to reduce packaging waste.  

If you've ever considered sustainable packaging design, this is the place to start. He'll layout the exact materials you need to work with, minimum sizes, and what questions designers need to ask. I try to pack in as many questions as I can in the brief time with Tom and if you're interested it's also available on YouTube.  

To learn more about Tom Szaky here are the links: 

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