Season 1

September 23, 2021

How to Apply Packaging Design Across 1,000s of SKUs with Todd Maute of CBX | 65

Todd Maute explains how CBX’s FORGE process helps redesign multi-SKU packaging for CPG and retail brands faster and sometimes cheaper. CBX is known for its brand experience development for pet, food, and even pet food brands!...

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September 02, 2021

Black-owned Packaging Design Agency, Mind The Font | Ep 62

Kirk Visola, Founder and Creative Director of Mind the Fun, Co-host of Clubhouse's Kirk and Kurtts (Andy Kurtts), and Monday's with Marilyn (Kirk's mom) joins PDU to have a discussion about race and design. Kirk shares the ex...

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August 25, 2021

Engineering Packaging Logistics & Supply Chains | Ep 61

Supply chains are breaking down, freight rates are blowing up, and today there are even brands that are paying off dock workers to move their products to the front of the line. Don't stoop low enough to break the law, just listen to this episode where Thaxton Lipscomb explains how to engineer your logistics to move your goods faster and cheaper. He lays out everything from materials to incoterms and how to save money by shifting responsibilities to sellers making them want to move the goods faster in order to get paid upon delivery. Here's what you get in this episode: 1) What the hell is ECT? If you’re ordering packaging and it’s shipping in corrugated boxes, you need to know what ECT is. You’ll also get a few standards that you can use when quoting packaging. Yes, the quality of the cartons impact your overall costs. 2) This was new to me, they’re called INCOterms. Thaxton will explain how to leverage incoterms to create a sense of urgency in delivery but also how you can shift the responsibility to the seller. Not only that it can allow you to shift costs back to the seller and determine who is responsible for payment and when. So save money and get things faster. 3) One of the biggest trends coming for 2022. Reverse logistics! Forget the color of the year, brands don’t really care about superficial trends right now. It is all about consumer experience and saving money. Really it’s about saving money. Reverse logistics does both. 4) I know I usually give you three things, but this one is so good I gotta tease it. Thaxton explains how they saved money and redesign time by changing the truck type instead of redesigning the packaging to correct transit damage. You have to listen to this because you won’t believe it.

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September 02, 2020

Rebranding Cannabis Packaging | Ep. 26

In episode 26, we discuss everything you need to know in order to begin designing cannabis packaging. Our guest Jared Mirsky is one of the most well-known cannabis brand agents in the game today. He's shared his story about ...

Packaging Design

August 24, 2020

Why You Need Packaging Guidelines | Ep. 25

We speak with Logan Steinfeld, Staples' Manager of Product Design who oversees product development and packaging design to understand not only what packaging guidelines are for, but what they entail. Logan's team recently la...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

August 13, 2020

5 Unconventional Questions to Ask Before Every Package Design | Ep. 24

1) What is the product and how many skus will there be to start? For example if the product is a pair of sun glasses and it comes in 10 colors, those are 10 SKUs you will be designing packaging for. 2) How Much? What will t...

Packaging Design

August 10, 2020

Inspiring Youth of Color To Learn About Design | Ep 23

Deon Mixon, like so many other designers of color have experienced being the the only African American designer in a design class, a design agency, and in front of the client. Deon developed DesignEye | The Graphic Design Edu...

Packaging Design

August 03, 2020

Is Boxed Water Actually Better? | Ep 21

We've all seen those Boxed Water is Better milk cartons, but are they really better? Can they be recycled and how much does that packaging design actually reduce the product's carbon footprint? Find out by listening to the la...

July 29, 2020

How to Design Your Own Product Packaging | Ep 20

How do you design packaging while working from home? After watching the most recent Underdogs video about Apple's project Pandora I thought it was a good time to share how working from home has changed the package design proc...

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July 22, 2020

4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Packaging | Ep 19

1) The first one that will help you save money is buying packaging directly from manufacturers. What I mean is today most brands are buying through a reseller, sourcing agent, some type of middleman. You’re paying 15 - 25% fo...

Business Of Packaging

July 20, 2020

Liquid Death: 700 Million Dollar Brand Built on Packaging | Ep 18

We speak to Mike Cessario about the packaging design for Liquid Death and how they've taken social media haters and made them their biggest source of online marketing featuring Liquid Death's packaging design. We discuss ever...

Sustainability Packaging Design

July 15, 2020

10 Lessons How To Use Foil In Packaging Design Part 2 | Ep. 17

Part 2 of 10 Lessons for Packaging with Foil. April Lytle or Kurz Transfer Products and I provide key insights into how to use foil when designing packaging. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast. If you’ve ev...

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July 13, 2020

How to Design Alcohol Bottles - Aether NY | Ep 16

William Kang and Adrian Ng co-founders of Aether NY talk to us to share their history and celebrate their recent win at the Dieline Awards for clear spirits packaging design. The beautiful bottle for Source One Vodka set a ne...

Packaging Design

July 08, 2020

5 Tips For Designing Foil Stamping into Packaging Design | Ep 15

If you’ve ever designed packaging with textures and foils, you know there’s a learning curve to doing it right. I want to bring you the opportunity to gain these insights as quickly as possible. I’m joined by April Lytel with...

Packaging Design

July 06, 2020

How to Customize Packaging for Ecommerce | Ep. 14

What does it take to design award winning packaging that delivers an ROI for online and in-store packaging? Get a behind the scenes look at Beardwood & Co.'s process for redesigning Hill's Science Diet packaging that spanned ...

Packaging Design

July 01, 2020

Ten tips of Sustainable Packaging Design w/ Katie Kubrak | Ep. 13

Ever wonder where to get started on sustainable design? Well, this episode of Package Design Unboxd gives you a lot to think about as we dive into sustainable design with Katie Kubrak of Nirvana CPH. Everything from streamlin...

Business Of Packaging

June 29, 2020

Creating Packaging Design Winners w/ Pentawards | Ep. 12

Ever want to know what it takes to win a packaging competition? Adam Ryan, the Head of Pentawards joins us to discuss exactly what it takes to enter and get noticed by the judges. We get a behind the scenes view of how the ju...

Luxury Packaging Packaging Design

June 22, 2020

How To Innovate Packaging Design with CMF & MDD | Ep. 11

We speak to Katie Kubrak, Materials and Insights Producer with Nirvana CPH. Learn how CMF and MDD drive innovation in packaging design, and create consumer connections. Dive into Coatings, Materials, and Finishes before we tr...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

June 16, 2020

The Polystyrene Packaging Alternative: Wool | Ep. 10

Woolcool is a new packaging material that's been used for thermal insulation for over 13,000 years. Today it's replacing polystyrene foam insulation one box at a time. Learn what woolcool is and how this 100% natural material...


June 08, 2020

Storytelling for Packaging – Techniques to present your designs | Ep. 9

We speak to Jess Williams, Founder and Creative Director of Communal Creative in NYC, a branding agency with a passion for storytelling. Learn how the team at Communal Creative immerses itself into each brand to unearth a res...

Packaging Design

June 03, 2020

F&B Packaging Design for Sustainability | Ep. 8

We speak with Valerie Hawks, Head of Production & Sustainability @ Interact Boulder to understand how production supports design in executing at the highest level. We discuss the importance of getting your hands dirty and lea...


June 01, 2020

Packaging Production & Manufacturing w/ Brandi Parker | Ep. 7

We speak with Brandi Parker, Head of Realization @ Pearlfisher where she manages a team that converts designs and ideas into reality. Her extensive knowledge of packaging design and production allows her to know what question...

Sustainability Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

May 27, 2020

How to Package a Brand w/ Alex Center | Ep. 6

Speaking with Alex Center founder of Center Brooklyn and former Design Director at a little brand named Coke, is a lesson in how to build confidence and surround yourself with the right people to create opportunities in desig...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

May 20, 2020

What is Sustainable Packaging Design? w/ Tom Szaky | Ep. 5

Everyone talks about sustainable packaging, but what exactly is it? Well, that depends, and our guest Tom Szaky agrees as sustainability depends on many factors. In this episode we discuss what is sustainability, the business...


May 19, 2020

Building a Structural Packaging Design Agency w/ Think Packaging | Ep. 4

How do you build a packaging design agency when you're not in a big city known for design? Ask Mat Bogust of Think Packaging and he'll tell you to just start posting and the world will notice! Today, New Zealand is known for ...

Packaging Design Business Of Packaging

May 14, 2020

What is Recyclable Packaging? | Ep. 3

Beau Peck Director of Marketing and Zero Waste at The Pro Recycling Group, breaks down the value for packaging designers to understand what happens to your packaging once it's discarded. We talk about the benefits of pre-sor...


May 11, 2020

What is Luxury Packaging Design | Ep. 2

Vincent Villeger, former Director of Packaging at Burberry discusses what makes luxury packaging powerful, and how to follow your creative instincts to make the right decisions. We answer if primary packaging such as fragran...

Luxury Packaging Packaging Design

May 06, 2020

Sustainable Packaging Design Materials | Ep. 1

In our first episode we discuss the realities of sustainable packaging design and what to consider when considering sustainable materials. Our guest is Nikki Withington, owner of Square 1 Packaging Solutions and NPD based in ...

Sustainability Packaging Design