May 14, 2020

What is Recyclable Packaging? | Ep. 3

What is Recyclable Packaging? | Ep. 3

Beau Peck Director of Marketing and Zero Waste at The Pro Recycling Group, breaks down the value for packaging designers to understand what happens to your packaging once it's discarded.  We talk about the benefits of pre-sorted recycling of packaging and the downsides to closed lid systems. We also touch on the confusion caused by mixed packaging materials, compostable packaging, and film laminates used in pouch packaging.


The rising use of mono material packaging is a key finding, and something to consider for packaging designers looking to move into more sustainable packaging. 

Recycling isn't a single system operating under a single protocol, depending on where you live you will experience differences in collection. Beau explains source separation recycling popular in rural areas and small towns. Just because you have curbside closed lid recycling in your area, doesn't mean you design for these commingled systems. Packaging designers need to consider the realities of a global recycling systems.

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