Oct. 19, 2021

Zero-waste Packaging Design with Guillermo Dufranc | Ep 68

Zero-waste Packaging Design with Guillermo Dufranc | Ep 68

Today, we’re discussing the realities of waste management in Argentina and the lengths that people go to in order to be just a little bit more sustainable with Guillermo Dufranc, author, YouTuber, and consistent LinkedIn poster of great sustainability content. When he isn’t busy being a zero-waste influencer, Guillermo manages a creative team at tridimage, an award-winning packaging design agency headquartered in Buenos Aires. In this episode, you’ll learn how global cities like Buenos Aires collect and dispose of waste in open dumpsites and how that impacts the realities of recycling in the city, how it’s going to be people who save the planet based on the decisions that they make, not the packaging materials we choose, and the ways in which systems need to close the loop without disrupting infrastructure. We also touch on how streamlining packaging to suit your immediate needs and location is going to be the next evolution of package design, with each type of packaging requiring a specific material for different use cases, and Guillermo shares his insights into how this future can achieve our zero waste dreams. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Guillermo and his dream to live on a planet full of flowers, not trash cans.
  • Learn more about waste management and waste disposal systems in Argentina.
  • Guillermo reflects on the realities of water pollution in the coastal city of Buenos Aires.
  • Why he believes that legal frameworks are necessary in order to enforce change.
  • Guillermo on his roles as both graphic designer and project manager at tridimage.
  • Find out how important sustainability is to consumers in South America right now.
  • The importance of closing the loop on packaging waste without disrupting infrastructure.
  • Why Guillermo believes it’s people, not packaging materials that will save the planet.
  • Guillermo’s vision for the future of drinks packaging: why there isn’t just one solution.
  • Why customizing packaging for specific use cases is the next evolution of package design.
  • The combination of reusable, recyclable, and compostable that is the future of packaging.
  • Hear about the four books Guillermo has written and what inspired him to write them.
  • How growing his audience on YouTube has opened new conversations about sustainability.
  • The new habits and conscious everyday decisions necessary to create lasting change.
  • One thing packaging designers can do to promote sustainability; spread the word.
  • Guillermo on why creating a mindset shift is the most powerful tool designers have.
  • Why it’s important that designers educate themselves about new and existing materials.

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