Dec. 9, 2021

'Best of' Sustainable Packaging 2021 Recap Episode | Ep 73

'Best of' Sustainable Packaging 2021 Recap Episode | Ep 73

We are taking this opportunity to do something a little different today! This episode's focus is on sustainable packaging and we recap some of the amazing ideas and advice we have received since starting this podcast. We feature snippets and segments from our conversations with Katie Kubrak, Tom Szaky, and Beau Peck, all episodes that are worth going back to listen to in their entirety if you have not already! Our three featured guests are all experts in the world of sustainable practices and packaging, and the thoughts they share are easy to apply and understand. This means that by simply listening to this episode you can level up your design process today! We touch on the difference between sustainability and recycling, getting to grips with different recycling systems according to specific locations, and how this information can impact and inform your design goals. Ultimately the aim is to make the most of your efforts; there is no use in designing a product to be sustainable in some way that does not fit with the systems it enters into! So to hear some inspiring ideas, and a few reflections about them along the way, join us on the show.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tom Szaky's thoughts on reframing sustainable design and his definition of sustainability.
  • The idea of eliminating packaging; a new parameter for our design work!
  • The right kind of materials and palette for a sustainable creative process.
  • Katie Kubrak's breakdown of the best ways to approach reuse.
  • Rethinking how to make better use of products and boxes.
  • Consumer education and tailoring your sustainability to local infrastructure.
  • Questions to ask facilities about what materials they actually deal with.
  • Beau Peck on the benefits of clean stream recycling systems.
  • What designers should be considering in light of closed-lid systems.
  • Recapping today's actionable tips and main lessons!

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