July 9, 2021

Recycling Packaging 1 Material at a Time w/ Simon Van Leuven | Ep 51

Recycling Packaging 1 Material at a Time w/ Simon Van Leuven | Ep 51

Learn what happens to packaging after it's picked for recycling and how to design packaging that increases the chances of actually being recycled. This episode digs into the reality of the recycling and composting systems in place today world wide.

Simon Van Leuven is Vanden Recycling's Director of Australia and an expert in plastics collection and recycling.

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Simon Van Leuven breaks down what happens to your packaging after it's picked up for recycling. We discuss how to design packaging for sustainability, and how different packaging materials impact the true nature of sustainable packaging design.


Simon is someone that I’ve followed for a while and watched many of his videos where he’s out on the job at recycling plants, MRFs, or even outdoors fishing and picking up trash.

He’s a director at Vanden Recycling based in Melbourne Straya, he’s also the host of Think Beginning Not End where he gets into the nits and grits of recycling and sustainability.

You can learn more about Simon before we get into this episode by hunting him down on LinkedIn, search for Simon Van Leuven,

If you want to learn how your packaging impacts the recycling industry, you’re going to love this episode.

Today you’re goin to get a few massive ideas.

1 - What happens to the various materials once they get to your local MRF

2 - New labeling requirements being implemented today

3 - Compostable packaging - is it a lie?

Make sure to take notes, and enjoy the episode.


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