Jan. 21, 2021

Paper, Packaging Design's Secret Weapon | Ep.40

Paper, Packaging Design's Secret Weapon | Ep.40

A big part in packaging design is selecting materials. Are the materials strong enough, flexible enough, do they produce the right amount of cushion? But beyond the protective properties of packaging, we need packaging to connect with consumers and the fastest way to do that is through touch.

Selecting paper is an artform. Selecting paper for its printability, scuff reduction, and texture that can communicate emotion is critical. 

In Episode #40 of Package Design Unboxd, we speak to Sabine Lenz of PaperSpecs. The queen of paper breaks down the power of paper, how it works with foil, ink, and how professional designers need to spec paper for production. 

One of the defining characteristics of paper is the tactile connection to the physical world, no glass screens, no digital downloads. Paper makes you feel something real through sight, sound, and ultimately touch. 

So for everyone that's designing packaging and want to level up your packaging design toolset - Listen in to Package Design Unboxd.

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