April 8, 2021

Is Plastic Packaging As Bad As You've Heard? | Ep. 44

Is Plastic Packaging As Bad As You've Heard? | Ep. 44

The number one rated plastics material expert, Dr. Chris DeArmitt talks about his research on plastic and plastic packaging waste. We discuss how to reduce waste, recycle more packaging, and what questions to ask when considering paper over plastics. According to Chris, his research shows that plastic is the greenest material available for most cases. Listen and you be the judge.


This episode is a real game-changer, everything you thought you knew might not be as you expect when you follow the facts. 


Is plastic the right material for your packaging? I don't know, but this episode may help you ask better questions.


Links from the show:

According to the Engineering Forums Chris is the #1 rated plastics expert: Eng-tips.com

Learn more about Chris' work here: Phantomplastics.com

Download the first chapter of Chris DeArmitt's book a Plastic Paradox available at: Plasticsparadox.com

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