May 8, 2023

Unboxing Rodecaster Pro 2 | Watch on Spotify or Youtube | Ep 132

Unboxing Rodecaster Pro 2 | Watch on Spotify or Youtube | Ep 132
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Evelio unboxes the RODECaster Pro Two, a piece of podcasting equipment he'll use while traveling through Europe making podcasts. The box came with mics and headphones, and Evelio is eager to start plugging it in and using it.

The sleeve of the box is four-color printed and features a foil stamp with detailed copy pieces.

The inside of the box is one-color black with icons and information on the top and back. The outer panel is laminated with a smooth finish, and only the exterior is printed. Evelio is impressed with the design of the box and is excited to start using the product. This conversation is about the fold-out box design and how it can be used for product packaging. The fold-out box has a flap on the material which can be used for components or may be wasted. It also has a drawbridge front which allows the user to slide out whatever is inside. There is also an arrow to the back which allows the user to pull out whatever is inside. The box also contains an insert which is a corrugated tuck box.

The box could potentially contain a variety of power plugs from different countries, but having the key product streamlines the logistics process. This design makes it easy to insert power cords for different countries. This conversation discusses the importance of good packaging design from both a user experience and sustainability standpoint. Evelio talks about how it is essential to take into account different countries when designing packaging.

He mentions how a good packaging design would include messaging on the outside, a single color box, and branding and educational messaging on the inside.

From a sustainability standpoint, matte laminated paper can be recycled, but it will be downcycled into something else, not paper. It can be used for things such as insulation, which is not recycled or reprocessed but instead has been used for years.


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