March 19, 2023

Packaging Design Has Changed Forever - Designing with Midjourney 5 & GPT 4 | Ep 128

Packaging Design Has Changed Forever - Designing with Midjourney 5 & GPT 4 | Ep 128

Evelio Mattos is discussing how the combination of Mid Journey Five and Chat GT Four is changing the world of design. This combination is impacting the way websites and packaging are designed, and Mattos is providing advice on how to stay ahead of the curve and keep your design job.

Evelio shares his journey in packaging design with Midjourney, from version three to version four to version five. In version four, he reached out to Chris Branch, a buddy in Liverpool, who taught him how to make his prompts better and get better results. In version five, the biggest difference is that everything looks like a photograph. Through this journey, Evelio learned that it is important to start simple, and that adding too many terms will confuse the AI and lead to poor results. Mid Journey Five is a technology that allows pro photographers to quickly set up lighting and create high quality images in a short amount of time.

It can be used to create mood boards to set a certain look or feel for a client. Chat GPT Four is a chat interface that can generate code for websites and games, automate features in InDesign, and even understand images. This technology is changing the way people work, as it can be used to quickly generate die lines, create multiple layers for artwork, and even answer questions that require an understanding of an image.

This is making it possible to produce work ten times faster. In this conversation, the speaker talks about the potential of AI to assist in design work. They suggest that Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop could be used with a chatbot window to apply best practices to artwork, such as sizing up logos differently and positioning them in a different place. The speaker also mentions that AI could be used to create designs that are different than what consumers are used to, and that designers should take the lead in AI and keep pushing it forward. Ultimately, the speaker suggests that AI could be used to create ads and social media posts without any design background, and that this could lead to a decrease in what consumers expect from design.


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0:00:00Unpacking the Impact of Mid Journey Five and Chat GT Four on Design

0:00:52"The Packaging Pact: Exploring Mid Journey Version Five"

0:03:04Exploring the Impact of AI on Design: A Conversation with Mid Journey Five and Chat GPT Four

0:06:42Exploring the Impact of AI on Design and the Need for Designers to Lead the Way

0:08:43"Exploring the Benefits of AI for Designers with Paula Share"

0:10:51Exploring the Impact of AI on the Workplace: A Conversation with Packaging Unboxed

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