April 24, 2023

Metallica 72 Seasons : Packaging Design with Jamie McCathie | Ep 130

Metallica 72 Seasons : Packaging Design with Jamie McCathie | Ep 130
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Learn the behind the scenes process to the making of this iconic cover design. Jamie McCAthie along with other TurnerDuckworth alumni collaborated with the band, photographers, arsonists, stage crew, and a many other creatives along the way.Understand how the creative Director position has evolved beyond directing creatives and into directing the vision.Watch the Metallica 72 Seasons unboxing to learn how they burnt all the toys on the streets of San Francisco. Jamie also shares how they used packaging dielines in camera to layout the photography and adjust the set to fit the packaging design. Wanna work with Jamie McCathie?Reach him via LinkedIn here.https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-mccathie-889093a/Buy a Lee Jeffries print or hire LJ, learn more here.https://lee-jeffries.co.uk/metallica-72-seasonsLearn more about TurnerDuckworthhttps://turnerduckworth.comSubscribe:https://bit.ly/PUSubs#metallica #72seasons #packaging #design #photography #heavymetal #unboxing #packagingdesign

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