Feb. 22, 2023

How Designers Are Using MidJourney To Build Their Businesses with Sherry Horowitz the Ai Conjurer | Ep 125

How Designers Are Using MidJourney To Build Their Businesses with Sherry Horowitz the Ai Conjurer | Ep 125

The Packaging Unbox Podcast recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sherry Horowitz about Mid Journey artificial intelligence. They discussed the different types of prompts that she uses, how to get started with a prompt, and making a living with Mid Journey as her copilot. They also touched upon the ethics of artificial intelligence, as well as how to work with agencies, designers, and implementing it into a functioning workflow. Sherry also shared her insight on how to make the most of the experience and how to use the technology to get ahead. Additionally, they discussed their sponsors, Idpdirect.com and Specrite.com, who provide factory direct packaging and documentation for EPR laws, respectively. This conversation was full of valuable information and Sherry was an entertaining and informative guest.

The speaker is an enthusiastic tech adopter, and AI has had a dramatic effect on them. Specifically, they are using AI to generate 360-degree visuals for their clients faster and with more ideas than before. For example, they recently completed a dream job, utilizing AI to generate visuals in a way that would have taken weeks to produce manually or, in some cases, wasn't even possible. AI has been an absolute boon to their work, allowing them to have an idea, test it out, and see if it's in the right direction quickly and easily.

The speaker recently helped Isaac Rodansky of Adventure Media, a digital performance marketing firm in Long Island, with a client called Grown Brilliant. The speaker discussed how Adventure Media was able to do branding, as well as digital performance strategy. Isaac is an industrial psychologist who used to be an artist and is able to walk the line between design and digital. The speaker also discussed how they have a network of people they use when working on larger projects, but can work very lean right now. They also discussed the idea of AI taking away jobs, but they believe it is creating more opportunity as it is still difficult to use and people still need photographers and graphic designers.

In this conversation, the speaker discusses the importance of using prompt engineering to create a clearer path when creating projects. Prompt engineering involves leveraging large datasets to come up with intentional results. The speaker recommends using this strategy for faster and more cost-efficient results. The speaker also suggests creating a package to offer rapid prototyping ideation services. This package requires skilled and experienced designers and involves a lot of work and research. Finally, the speaker shares an example of how they created a picture using prompt engineering to study the differences between the words feast, banquet, dinner, and meal.

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