Nov. 17, 2022

How Design Agencies Get Clients w/ Dennis Whalen | Ep 115

How Design Agencies Get Clients w/ Dennis Whalen | Ep 115

If you've ever said I'm a designer, not a salesperson, you're probably not wrong, but you're for sure not right.

Graphic designers, packaging designers, really any type of designer is a sales person. What you're creating has to sell an idea, a product, a service, something. But before you get the chance to sell to the end user, you have to sell your concept to your internal team and then to your external client.

Dennis Whalen, creative sales rockstar that he is lays out what you need to know to sell design internally and externally. If you choose to be a salesperson and not a designer, he talks about his career and why selling vs designing suits him just fine.

We get a bit of a history lesson as well, he's worked with:
Primo Angeli, Pearlfisher, Michael Osbourne Design, Philippe Becker, Revel, Stranger & Stranger, and so many more heavy hitters in the design world you won't believe.

If you could use one tactic to close just one more client, what would that be worth?
Dennis shares at least 8 tips on how to be a better salesperson, build a strong network, and deliver on your WHY every time.

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