July 22, 2021

Future-ready FMCG Packaging Design Strategies w/ ClarkMcDowall | Ep 53

Future-ready FMCG Packaging Design Strategies w/ ClarkMcDowall | Ep 53

Packaging designers have a superpower no other designer has. The ability to reach into the future and create it today. Learn the strategies Clark McDowall use to design packaging for Mars owned Nutro Pet Foods and legacy brand Palmolive. How to spot packaging trends without falling in love with transient trends? Applying this strategic vision to designing packaging with longevity and relevance to build a Future-Ready brand.

Nutro Packaging Design:

We discuss designing packaging for large to small skis and how systemic design works
Avoid following the industry and focus on the consumer's needs
Why the team landed in the direction they did and what was the brief 


Making a legacy brand inclusive with small tweaks that mean a lot
Redesigning dish soap to sell an experience and values
Designing something positive for the planet by using ocean plastics
Designing something positive for people removing hands from the packaging


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