April 18, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, Pantone vs Lab, Design Education : Package Ink Replay | Ep 129

Artificial Intelligence, Pantone vs Lab, Design Education : Package Ink Replay | Ep 129
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Evelio Mattos introduces the podcast episode featuring Tommy Bonyr and Frida Anderson where they discuss Artificial Intelligence and Packaging Design.

They talk about Pantone color versus lab conversation, and sustainable packaging solutions like solar power, algae inks, and carbon negative inks.

Evelio is a member of the Pentawards Jury 2023 and has been working with brands like Michael Kors and Sonos. He is a graphic designer and was initially interested in doing death metal posters, but realized that nobody was paying for that kind of work. He then moved on to website design and ads, which he did not find very exciting.

He then got a chance to do a packaging design job and found that more interesting. He is excited to be part of the podcast and ready to discuss his experience in packaging design. The speaker discusses their first experience working in packaging design. They explain how they fell in love with the art form after creating a physical piece from a box.

They go on to explain how packaging is a superpower since it can traverse time and space, allowing for trends in one year to be used to design something for the next year. They discuss how the chain of people involved in the packaging process is mixed with people from all over the world and different industries. Finally, they talk about when it is time to get paid for their work. The speaker describes how they got into the packaging design industry. They began their journey in flat design but then had the opportunity to create a box and realized that this was the field they wanted to pursue. The speaker then started their own business and got the opportunity to work with a manufacturer, eventually building an agency and selling it.

The speaker discusses how they had to learn the basics of print before they could control it and how they began as an assistant at an agency in California before learning from everyone and climbing the ranks.

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